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If you are looking for a serious company dedicated to the sale of wood pellets of the best quality and wholesale pellets, you are in the right place. Contact us to know our wood pellet’s prices, our offers, and place an order by phone or email.


About us

Esaferal is a company dedicated to the distribution of national and international wood pellets, with a great presence in the European market. We have different types of high-quality wood pellets, from wood pellets coming from the Iberian Peninsula to wood pellets of the highest level, brought exclusively from Brazil.

We can deliver our pellets to any point in the World. We transport by sea and road. Both bagged pellets and bulk pellets.

We adapt to your budget and we look for the pellet that suits your needs.

Sobre nosotros

Esaferal es una empresa lider en la venta y montaje de equipos para el aprovechamiento de la energía solar, centrándose especialmente en energía térmica, con productos exclusivos y de última generación como los tubos de vacío, que ofrecen un rendimiento óptimo y una efectividad máxima, muy superior a otros sistemas convencionales en la transformación de los rayos solares en energía térmica.

Esaferal distribuye productos de ahorro energético para resolver cualquier tipo de demanda de energía a empresas y particulares. somos especialistas en climatizar agua para uso sanitario, calefacción o piscinas. Nos adaptamos a su presupuesto y le buscamos la mejor opción energética para su hogar o negocio.


In Esaferal we keep growing year after year, expanding the wide list of countries to which we export large tons of pellets. We ship to most European countries.

At the moment we are the leading company in Spain exporting pellets to France and Italy.

Embarques y exportaciones

En Esaferal no paramos de crecer año tras año, expandiendo la amplia lista de paises a la que exportamos grandes toneladas de pellets. Realizamos embarques a la mayoría de países europeos.

En estos momentos somos la empresa lider en España en exportación de pellets a Francia e Italia

Why use Wood Pellets?

With the rising price of fossil energy and growing environmental awareness, the demand for renewable forms of energy has increased. 

Modern biomass heating is an economical and environmentally friendly alternative or supplement to fossil fuel heating systems.

All the advantages

CO2 neutral

Wood combustion releases the same amount of CO2 as the trees have absorbed during their life cycle. Therefore, biomass combustion is CO2 neutral.


Wood from sustainable forestry is a renewable and environmentally friendly source of energy and an important component of sustainable resource management.


As a natural fuel, it is very economical and not subject to price fluctuations. In times of unstable energy prices, the price of wood remains stable and economical.

State-of-the-art technology and reliability

Modern biomass plants operate fully automatically and are equipped with high-tech control and safety systems for reliable, efficient and safe operation.

Natural and independent

Wood is a natural product, is obtained with minimal energy costs and contributes to the region's economy.


Adress: Calle Comendador Saldaña, 4, 24300 Bembibre, Leon, Spain
Phone: +34 671 406 899
Email: info@esaferal.com